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Our Story: Preserving Ancient Wisdom for Future Generations

Jun 18, 2015

Sacred Fire Foundation loves metaphors of seeds. A seed has ancestral wisdom of the past, it firmly roots you in the present and it holds the key to the future–to survive and thrive.

Sacred Fire Foundation believes that Elder wisdom holds answers to many of the world’s pressing challenges. Honoring ancestral wisdom is a way of deepening our roots to build our resiliency and be grounded in a world that often seems destabilizing and uncertain. We recognize that all our ancestors also waded through the uncertainties of life, adapted to their natural environment and braved many storms, and this knowledge is comforting knowing that we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel or invent a new app to solve problems.

Our story is rooted in the stories and narratives passed down over generations through a web of relations and relationships. We invite you to watch this video to understand the holistic mission guiding our work–promoting Indigenous philanthropy to invest in preserving Elder wisdom for the next seven generations and protect sacred sites and rituals; bringing Elders from around the world together to dialogue with each other and broader community on the need to preserve Indigenous traditions; and educating the public to connect with each other and recognize the interconnectedness between humans and nature.

“It’s a good time to work for the next seven generations. Seven generations ago somebody was looking out for me, that’s why I am here. Seven generations from now, I hope somebody is here. So that’s the work that we do,” says Onondaga Elder, Chief Oren Lyons. Chief Lyons is also a recipient of our Wisdom Treasure Award that we bestow every year to honor an Indigenous Elder, who has made transformational impact to preserve Indigenous cultures and way of life for the next generations.

“We are part of the Earth,” reminds Chief Lyons. Sacred Fire Foundation mission is guided by this knowledge. Thank you for watching and sharing our video. We hope you will engage in our events and pass this message along to your friends and community.