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Seeds of Wisdom (formerly Sacred Fire Foundation) invites you to join the inaugural Fund for the Ancestors Giving Circle.

“What is a giving circle?” Simply put, a giving circle is comprised of people, just like you, who believe that the wisdom and worldview of Indigenous Peoples around the world, is more relevant now than ever.

How does it work? Members of the giving circle commit to a minimum investment during the course of a year, preferably for 3 consecutive years. You can join as an individual or group. You choose when you would like to donate to get to the minimum donation amount: once a year, quarterly, or monthly. The minimum entry-level investment per person/group is $700/year.

Why Fund for the Ancestors? We believe that when Indigenous communities are healthy and thriving, we all benefit. Their knowledge systems and understanding of our relationship with the living world, has endured for thousands of years. When they’re able to attend ceremonies and meetings to gather with other Indigenous leaders or advocate for their rights, their resilience is fortified. This fund will also support the important work being done by tribal leaders and Elders of protecting burial sites, reburying remains and conducting ceremonies. This fund was named for our first recipient, a Mikmaq Elder who recently traveled from New Brunswick, Canada to Harvard to fulfill the covenant she made to bring her Ancestors home.

This is not like our traditional funding program, but rather outright support.

By joining Fund for the Ancestors, you’re creating a deeper connection to this important work and ensuring a world where respect, reciprocity and responsibility are the values we all live by and pass on to the Ancestors yet to come. Your impact will truly be immeasurable.

We are at a crossroads. We have a choice, a choice to listen to the wisdom, to what Mother Earth is saying. What will you choose?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact