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Return to Keyna with us in 2023!

Jun 14, 2023

We’re so excited to be returning to Kenya this coming November!
And YOU’RE invited to come along!

Last year, our 2021 Wisdom Treasure Award recipient Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu gave our guests the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness his long-awaited transition from Elder to Senior Elder, in his home community at Maji Moto. It was a special ceremony that included hundreds of community members celebrating this rite of passage.

As we look forward to this year’s journey, travelers will be given the opportunity to experience many unique cultural celebrations, learn about the exceptional beekeeping project that Seeds of Wisdom supported through our Seeds of Trust funding program, made possible through our generous donors, and of course, have an opportunity to encounter some of Kenya’s diverse wildlife while simultaneously learning about Maasai people, culture and surrounding nature.

We’re also planning some special surprises!

Born and raised in the heart of the African savanna, Salaton Ole Ntutu is a Senior Elder, community chief, shaman, and visionary leader in the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe in Kenya.

As a child, Salaton was chosen to receive the spiritual knowledge of his Ancestors. He was blessed with spiritual and energetic gifts which enable him to experience strong connections with people and nature. He uses his gifts for communication, healing, and protection of others and carries on the medicine work of his late mother, a renowned medicine woman, midwife, and shamanic healer.

He is known throughout the Maasai community for his courage and wisdom. As a key partner and advisor for international nonprofit organizations, Chief Salaton raises awareness and funding for critical projects in Narok, Kenya, spanning numerous high-profile projects in education, health, and conservation. He is a vocal advocate for education, especially for women and girls. He is a trusted advisor to Seeds of Wisdom as a member of the Elders Council.

Visitors will stay in an actual Maasai community, rather than in a commercially-built camp, and will experience the intimacy of village life. Included are walks in the hills with Maasai warriors to learn about traditional life, warrior training, widow village visit with bead making and manyatta homes, and sharing a campfire with the Maasai warriors.

Group of Maasai people colorfully dressed smiling and welcoming visitors.

20% deposit is due on booking, with the balance due 6 weeks before travel.


7-day Journey

$2,400 per person

12-day Journey

$3,780 per person

Booking is now closed for this event.  Booking is now closed for this event.
Download Full Brochure Download Full Brochure

Other costs not included are:
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Kenya Visa – approximately $50
  • Tips at approximately $10-$20 per person per day, depending on services
  • Optional gift in the amount of your choosing to Salaton’s community to support the important work being done to empower women and girls.
  • You may also choose to support Salaton’s community by investing in:
    • $5 buys curriculum books and school supplies
    • $35 buys a required school uniform
    • $50 pays for meals for the entire school for one week
    • $100 – $5000 funds community farm needs such as improving water management, creating permaculture capabilities, etc.
    • $200 pays for one month of meals for all students
    • $800 pays for a  day student scholarship for the full year
    • $1500 pays for a full year boarding student (especially important for at-risk girls)

Questions? Contact Susan Deslaurier, Owner Nariku Travel Experiences at

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