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Honoring the Wisdom of the Elders: Indigenous Voices Guiding Humanity

Apr 18, 2024

Honoring the Wisdom of the Elders: Indigenous Voices Guiding Humanity. Photo of seedlings bursting through the soil to reach the light.

By: Rubina Cohen

April 21st marks Earth Day, a global celebration of our planet’s natural beauty and a call to protect her vast resources. Yet, for the Indigenous peoples, Earth Day is not confined to a single date. It is an everyday reverence, a continuous living relationship with Earth that has thrived for centuries. Indigenous communities are the original stewards of this land, embodying roles that nurture and sustain the very wellness of Earth itself.

At Seeds of Wisdom, we are deeply committed to honoring and sharing this profound connection through our unique storytelling projects. These endeavors aim to amplify the rich voices and invaluable teachings of our Indigenous Elders, whose wisdom offers not only insights but also solutions for healing both humanity and our shared planet.

The Power of Storytelling

One of our most cherished initiatives is capturing and disseminating the teachings of the Elders. These narratives are more than just stories; they are lifelines to the oldest ways of knowing and being that have coexisted with the Earth. Each story is a thread in the larger tapestry of our world’s heritage, revealing lessons that are crucial for our time.

Through our videos, short form documentaries on YouTube, Instagram stories and upcoming podcast series, we bring these teachings to a wider audience, ensuring that the wisdom of the Elders is accessible to all. This expansion of our storytelling forms part of our broader mission to awaken humanity to the sustainable practices and profound spiritual insights of Indigenous cultures. 

Below I share some of my favorite takeaways from videos we’ve shared called “Messages from Mother Earth. These are just a small collection of the great wisdom that has been shared with us. 

Lessons from the Elders


Wanbdi Wakita, a respected elder of the Dakota tribe, imparts sacred knowledge through his teachings about Earth’s protection. He shares about how his sister would have ceremonies that would last days, where she would collect water from the lake where they lived and then take that water and dance for 4 days without food and water. This is one example of the sacred rituals performed to honor and safeguard the natural resources of Mother Earth and its contribution to ecological balance and wellness. Indigenous Peoples have made a great deal of sacrifices similar to this one shared in Wanbdi’s message.

Click here to listen to Wanbdi’s message on Instagram


From the Six Nations Grand River Territory, Diane Longboat offers insights into the spiritual dimensions of childhood. She emphasizes that children, with their close connection to spirit, serve as natural teachers. Through her stories, we learn the importance of nurturing this connection and recognizing children as bearers of light and wisdom. She shares a particularly interesting story of how a 3 year old brother would communicate about the spirit world with his newborn sibling. It’s a powerful excerpt that is shared on our Instagram page.

Click here to listen to Diane’s message on Instagram. 


A powerful message shared by Kunsi Pahan Ptesanwin, who carries the heritage of the Lakota, Cree, and Métis peoples really stands out for me and is also shared on our Instagram page. Pahan speaks to the universal experience of hardship and growth. Her teachings encourage us to face challenges collectively, fostering a spirit of community and mutual support during difficult times. Her call for unity is a powerful reminder of the strength that comes from togetherness.

Click here to listen to Pahan’s message.


Salaton Ole Ntutu of the Maasai tribe teaches about the divine essence within each individual. He urges us to recognize and exercise our innate ability to bless and uplift one another. His message highlights the potential for humanity to share and multiply positive energy, enriching lives across the globe. I absolutely love this message of empowerment, not just of others, but also of ourselves. 

Click here to listen to Salaton’s message on Instagram.

Tom Porter, Mohawk

Tom Porter’s words resonate so deeply for me and more recently, touched me to look into, going back thousands of years to awaken my connection to Indigenous Peoples of India. Tom is of the Mohawk tribe. Specifically, his message is of deep connection to our Indigenous roots. He speaks to the indelible link we all share with our Indigenous ancestors, embedded in our DNA, and challenges us to awaken these connections. His teachings offer guidance on reconnecting with these roots and leveraging ancient wisdom to navigate the modern world.

Click here to listen to Tom’s message on Instagram.

Join Our Mission

These Elders, among others, form the backbone of the Elders Council at Seeds of Wisdom. Their diverse voices and profound teachings are instrumental in guiding our projects and amplifying the message of Indigenous wisdom. 

We invite you to delve deeper into the lives and lessons of these remarkable individuals by visiting our website, learn and if so compelled get involved with our efforts to preserve and celebrate the wisdom of the planet’s original guardians. Together, we can ensure that their voices continue to guide and inspire us all towards a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Email to learn more about volunteer opportunities, joining our Board of Directors, and/or for making a monetary contribution.