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Salaton Ntutu

Salaton Ole Ntutu (Maasai-Kenya) is the Cultural Chief and Elder in his African village of Maji Moto. Recognized as a warrior, shaman, and visionary leader of his semi-nomadic tribe, he is often asked to travel with others to protect them. He was born and raised in the heart of the African savannah, and was chosen as a young child to receive the spiritual knowledge of his Ancestors.

He left his family at age 14 to begin his warriorship, which involved surviving in the wild African bush for more than 7 years. Living among wild animals with nothing but his blanket and spear, Salaton developed the survival skills he was taught as a young boy. He is blessed with spiritual and energetic gifts that allow him to have a strong connection to people and nature.

Dedicated to keeping his culture alive and thriving, Salaton is a key partner and advisor for international non-profit organizationsorganizaciones that support the Narok region. He champions self-sustaining initiatives in the areas of employment, water, women’s rights, education, conservation, and tourism through organizations he has helped to found.

Enkiteng Lepa, is a community-based organization that protects cultural values, ceremonies, and traditions, while working to eliminate harmful practices such as female circumcision and early marriage, and promote the importance of and access to education. Community projects include a primary school, a health clinic, and Medungi Conservation, a protected land for holy and medicinal plantsplantas and trees, and cultural ceremonies, and wildlife.

Through Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp, conceived of in 2009, Salaton can fund these progressive projectsproyectos and share the value of his Tribe’s traditions. The camp engages the Maasai youth and communitycomunidad with meaningful work directly related to their traditional identity, and educates tourists about the Maasai culture.