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K’oben, Resilient Fires

Thanks to this project, ancestral ceremonies and rituals will once again be conducted in three important Mayan sacred sites. Led by Mayan elders and shared with new generations and the participating communities through the Indigenous ways of transmitting knowledge,...

Sundance of Women 2019

The Sundance of Women is a sacred ceremony that brings together all Nations to honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and their loved ones. The Sundance builds connections between Nations and fosters a deeper understanding of ceremony and the meaning of...

Rescue of the Coca Language

The goal of this project is to rescue the Coca language, the mother tongue of the Mezcala people. The Indigenous community of Mezcala, Jalisco, once belonged to a large region of Coca people and it is currently one of the few communities that identifies itself with...

Identity and empowerment of Nahuat Pipil Youth

The main goals of this project are to empower young people to develop skills and abilities that will improve their self-esteem and sense of Indigenous identity; to make and learn to play traditional musical instruments; to celebrate their culture; and to set an...