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Talpunanchicñam (It’s Time to Sow Our Seeds)

Saphichay is an Indigenous founded and led grassroots organization from the central Andes of Peru. Through their work they support the conservation and revitalization of Indigenous rights, knowledge and practices. Talpunanchicñam is an educational program that strives...

The Medungi Conservation Organization

Will protect the sacred traditions of Maasai culture through beekeeping and the use of honey in ceremony, healing, and nutrition. It will also expand the opportunities for sustaining healthy livelihoods in these changing times of land ownership, climate change,...


AFRICE works to revive cultural practices of Indigenous knowledge, strengthen and empower food conservation, and regenerate ecosystems and protect biodiversity in local communities. One of the focus areas for AFRICE is the revival of knowledge, practices, customary...

Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura – IMAP

IMAP develops practical skills and the awareness needed to ensure food sovereignty, community development and the preservation of biodiversity and ancestral knowledge. Founded in 2000 by a group of local people concerned by the serious environmental, social and...