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Talpunanchicñam (It’s Time to Sow Our Seeds)

Saphichay is an Indigenous founded and led grassroots organization from the central Andes of Peru. Through their work they support the conservation and revitalization of Indigenous rights, knowledge and practices. Talpunanchicñam is an educational program that strives...

Mirning Language Protection Project

The Elders have been fighting for over 30 years to protect their traditional custodianship of their land and sea. Senior Elders stand strong and responsibilities have been taken up from one generation to the next. This Mirning Language Project offers a catalyst for...

Asociación Intercultural Bari Wesna

Bari Wesna is an internationally recognized organization representing the worldview of Amazonian Indigenous people, strengthening the local development processes based on the empowerment of Indigenous women and communities, and the conservation of forests in communal...

Strengthening Women and Youth for Peacebuilding in Chiapas

CORECO’s mission is to “Contribute to the peacebuilding processes, transformation of conflicts and the promotion of a Culture of Peace, towards Good Living”. CORECO promotes training processes and positive conflict transformation training, facilitation of...