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Asociación Intercultural Bari Wesna

This project will support the development of the singing (masha) and traditional dance course. The development of this activity is sought to guarantee the continuity in the transmission of the cultural knowledge of the Shipibo Konibo people in the young people and...

Tierra Nativa

This program focuses on trained cultural education teachers to provide guidance to Ralámuli children in seven communities through classroom, field, and ceremonial activities. Busuréliami is the Tarahumara concept for education, and literally means inner awakening....

Fundación Selva Sagrada

Culture is the maximum creation of a people through which the way in which a people builds over time is expressed, acting in a certain territory, with which it establishes an intimate relationship of mutual influence. Language is a very complex product. They make up...

Billiaum Whale Dreaming Ltd

The 2022 language project supported the healing of the fabric of our Community, Culture and Country, as language bonds all of these together. Particularly the children have been asking after Mirning language and the grant facilitated that extra nudge and sense of...